Live from New York, What Is GOING ON HERE!: How the funny is zapped out of SNL

To paraphrase a famous line from a comedy film… I believe Billy Madison…

"What I have just scene was one of the most Idiotic programing I have ever scene on American Television. At no point in the mindless dribble of a program was there much or anything funny in the one hour or so spent on the most current episode of Saturday Night Live, nothing close to what could be considered a funny joke or even a funny sketch. All who have viewed this show, including myself, are now both dumber and less stable now that I have watched it. I award the 4/7 episode of Saturday Night Live No laughs, no points, even the one point with the "its half pizza" sketch wiped from the score, leaving a score of -Infinity. I hope the show dose soul searching and tries to be funny again.

OK enough drama, I think we as a society have gotten Too Polite about this show, maybe because it’s “Being Mean” to say I hate a show but well I apologize if I get no younger fans thanks to this post, but Since, at the earliest, 2002, SNL has not at all been funny at all. Has it been all bad? Not really there were some high hopes between the last 10 years, Tina Fey did a decent job as Sarah Plain, and I admit some jokes were quite funny, on occasion but I hate to say it but SNL hasn’t been that funny at all and after watching last night’s episode, It hurt so much that I cant lie any more, SNL was Not Funny at All!

the guest star tonight was Sophia Vergara and the band performing were five douche bags pretending to be the backstreet boys (I’m sorry I don’t know who it was and I freaking didn’t care). One may ask how did this episode hurt… well here’s how, it was like watching commercials, or the Amanda Show…Yeah I admit I really hated the Amanda Show and the writing on this episode was exactly like watching the Amanda Show… The Sketches can be summed up like this….

Oh LAugh cuz I speak with an accent

Oh Laugh Cuz I have a stupid grin and cant turn arround

Oh some shit band is playing :p

Oh LAughz cause I have an Jfro and called a spanish woman a B*****

Ohz laughZ cause were shamelesly are promoteing the new film Hunger Games

Laugh Now cause we said Mitt Romney

Oyyz Laugh cause Seth Rogan is pretending to be Peter Griffin Drunk and said the word HairCut and the News Ancor is laughing with him

Laugh Monkey Laugh!!!!!!


:/ Its like the show thinks that we the viewers are well stupid, have we gone down to the point where were supposed to laugh because I haz a frenchfry on my head????    

No no no no, This is not the Saturday Night Live I remember, the SNL actually had spunk and creativity that the new show is lacking…. Now I have heard of SNL from the 1970’s-1990’s as a boys club, and SNL from 2002-2009 as a girls club. So what dose this current version of SNL mean? the Un-Funny club? that’s what I was thinking as I tortured myself watching the latest crap on NBC’s Saturday Night…

Is this what people think is funny these days? Is this what New Yorkers find funny these days? or perhaps, is this what the commercial executives find funny these days?

I literally sat watching the Weekend Update with a straight face, Not One Joke was Firkin’ Funny. Not A ONE! I was close to crying tears of sadness because I think Humanity and the current troupe of SNL have sunk to a new low in funniness. Am I happy SNL is still on? Yes, though with being on for now…37 years I’d imagine one would master their craft. I mean, this is well terrible, I’d have intervene in their sorry excuse for jokes. I thought Justin Timberlake was bad, I was only Kidding myself, he was the tip of the Iceberg, The bottom is closer to the show I saw, Maybe its just bad luck, but eh well this is just embarrassing lack luster, I could have written better jokes, and I write rants!

I looked on YouTube to see if anyone else shared my thoughts and um, all I could find was a girl who defriended a boy cause he thought the episode of SNL sucked. I’d like to hear his POV but again I’m suppose to hate the twit for SNL’s Phunnie. Well my friend I didn’t find it funny either and I can’t at all say it’s a good episode, I have lied too long, I can’t keep it in, this show and a few others suck. This isn’t to say all the shows suck (I am sure there are good ones), yet I just don’t see it. I don’t get it… I feel like the magic is gone. I ask Where have all the good jokes gone, and they say they have gone stale everyone, when will we ever learn…

this sucks, I’m still having this headache since watching and I just feel unhappy. But one shouldn’t lie so I am telling you all on Tumblr. I hope you liked this rant, but I doubt it… I bet you all hated my first entry… Oh well Might as well have…”My Dick in a Box”!

That was a joke, I hope you liked it, Its my take on Timberlake’s joke which I’m still deciding whether it was good or bad, all I can say is it is catchy.

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This is my friend Sean!

So true my friend, Makes me sad what he did to Rihanna


This is my friend Sean!

So true my friend, Makes me sad what he did to Rihanna


This is more for comedy than for anything serous so yeah. Have fun